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Season long, Single Elimination. Select a Bracket from the pull down menu. Once you’re done adding all the Brackets you wish to play in, use the Cart to pay.

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2024 Fox Hollow Men’s Club Match Play Bracket.

New this year is the ability to play in a Scratch, Handicap or Open bracket. Scratch Brackets are played with your Gross score. Anyone can join these bracket, but there is no handicap in scoring. Handicap Brackets are meant for players with Handicaps that fall within the Teeing Ground for that tee color. This will allow players of similar handicaps to compete against each other with Net scores. Open Brackets are available to all players, and all handicaps. Players will compete with Net scores, but it is possible that you will compete with someone whose handicap is much larger, or  much smaller then yours.  In addition to the above Brackets I have put in a Senior Silver Tee  bracket and taken out the White Open bracket.

Match Play Guidelines 2024

  • When the match pairings become available, contact your opponent and schedule your match within the time period designated by the committee. If there are any problems scheduling your match, contact the match play chairman Larry Stevenson to help resolve the issue.  Basically each month you must complete  each match in each bracket you have entered.
  • On the day of the match determine the course handicap for each player. You can look it up on the Handicap charts at the club house or look them up on GHIN app.
  • If both players have the same course handicap, they play the match without any handicap strokes. If one player’s handicap is higher than the others, the player gets to subtract one stroke on each of the x hardest handicap holes, where x is the difference between the two course handicaps.  Half of the strokes are taken on the front nine and half on the back nine.  If x is an odd number, the extra hole is always taken on the front nine.  For example, if one opponent has a course handicap of 9 and the other is a 12, the player who has 12 will get on stroke subtracted from each of the two hardest handicap holes on the front and one stroke subtracted for the one hardest hole on the back nine.

The scorecard handicaps should be used to determine the above situation

  • Before the start of the match determine how a tie will be resolved: score card playoff, continuing play until a winner is determined, putt-off, coin flip, etc. While continuing to play until a winner is determined is the most desirable method, this is at the discretion of the course and may not be available.  If no tie-breaker method is agreed to beforehand, the score card playoff method will be used. This means the player who wins the most holes on the last nine holes wins the match.  If this still results in a tie, then the last six holes are used.  If still tied, the last three holes and finally the last hole.  If still tied after these four potential scenarios, then a coin flip is in order.
  • If a stroke or hole is conceded, record the most likely score that would have been obtained on that hole. For example, if your opponent concedes a 12 inch putt, assume it would have been good. If the concession is for a 20 foot putt, you can assume a two-putt.  The score for holes not played should be reflect par plus any strokes you would receive based on your handicap.
  •  Match Play Chairman will post  scores to GHIN  as well as HBH scores on Golf Genius
  • After the match, note the results on the match play tree posted at the club house or Golf Genuis.  Both players should sign the scorecard, clearly list the bracket and the results on the scorecard.  Then place the scorecard in the drop box slot to the far right of the GHIN computer. Also, please send an email to Larry listing the date of the match as well as the results.
  • Scorecard should have the following items:  First and last names of both players, date of match, handicap of each player, bracket you played and results (all this information can be written on the front of the card)
  • these items should be legible please
  • Match Play Chairman – Larry Stevenson
  • Prizes All prizes will be paid out in the form of a check to the winners in each bracket.   The depth of payouts are determined by the number of entrants’ in each bracket

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Match Play Bracket

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