2 Man Chapman


Two Man Chapman Wednesday July 13th, 9 AM, Courses Links/Canyon

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2 Man Chapman

Wednesday July 13

9:00 AM Tee Times



All FHMGC Members are eligible to play in this formally seniors only event. Two player, pick your own partner or computer paired, teams, Teams may elect to play from different tee boxes provided there is only one tee box difference between players, i.e. a player on the black tee may have a partner on the blue tee, blue and white etc.. To play with another member in the Club each sign up individually on the website. When you reach the checkout screen note the field Event Help and Special Requests and insert the name of the member you arranged to play with then proceed with your billing information.

Both players tee off and switch balls for their second shots. Players then select the one best ball after their second shots, the player whose ball was not selected plays next and continue to play alternate shots on the same ball until it ends up in the hole. See the COP Sheet for additional details.


$37 (Tournament fee $22, Glory hole $5, Team Basic Skins Game $10) Green fees must be paid in the Pro Shop on the day of the Tournament.

Estimated Purse


Extra Games

Par 3 CTP “Glory Hole” $5 included in Fee

Team Basic Skins Game, two pots one Gross and one Net $10 included in Fee

Tournament Co-chairs

Jim VanMeter and Larry Stevenson




Closes at 6 PM Tuesday July 5, 2022

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Event COP Sheet